Playground for collaborative investments in emerging markets
Our mission is to make the world a better place by bringing together passionate people, who empower talented tech entrepreneurs from emerging markets with their expertise, network and capital.
Online community of like minded people
Tools for deal structuring and co-investments
In-person events for investors to meet their peers
Startup scouting and evaluation
Gingo Community as a platform
Individual professional profile
Event Calendar
Exclusive access to the community members
All information about your investment focus, portfolio and exits is now in one place. Easy to share with both community members and outsiders
Now it's easy to reach out to other investors. Find investors for your new fund, co-investors for your portfolio companies or solve any professional inquiries.
Within the calendar section you will find events being hosted on a weekly and monthly basis. These events are hosted both online and offline.
How to join Gingo Community?
To become a member of our community we conduct one-on-one interviews and request:
Venture capital experience
A proven track record
It is preferable if applicants provide a recommendation from a current community member
These rigorous steps are taken to ensure that community members (you) are safe and free to conduct business.
Gingo Venture Capital
When it comes to investments, Gingo believes in collaborations.

Our goal is to bring together expertise and experience in deal-by-deal investment models.
Select exclusive deals based on your investment request
Consider deals from your investment portfolio for co-investment with Gingo Community Members
Access to our deal flow pipeline and management
The team
Maria Ivanova
Elizaveta Tikher
Oksana Pogodaeva
Nikita Perevezentsev
CEO, Founder
Venture Capital & Strategy
Marketing & Communications
Startup Scouting & Analytics
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